Internet Cafe Features


Security option restricts the access to `popular` Ctrl+Alt+Del press and other system keys, local drives, Internet Explorer settings, control Panel and ANY window you might choose. Run Client as windows shell and increase your security even further in this way! When inactive, Internet Cafe Client is simply locked with a protection screen.

Full control

All your computers are fully and easily controlled and configured from only one computer that runs Internet Cafe Server application. This way you can easily setup pricing, security options, list of restricted programs, client skins, banner page, Internet Explorer settings etc.


It allows the activation of almost all server operations from the very beginning including: locking and unlocking PCs , rebooting, shutting down or checking desktops.

Basic Pricing

Our users find it excellent the fact that we offer various pricing methods including different prices for the Internet, gaming or office use. With basic pricing, the cost of the use increases per minute with optional minimum and start price.

Block Pricing

Adding in specified time intervals is the main feature for the usage cost in block pricing, however it is similar to basic pricing. It is, for example, done in this way: each 15 minutes, $1.00 added. Overtime option is here optional, allowing few minutes extra use without extra cost.

Bulk Pricing

Setting-up custom prices, time intervals with different duration, may have different pricing options. Example: first 10 minutes cost $1.00, next 20 minutes cost $0.50, and every next 30 minutes cost $0.40.

Scheduled Pricing

Setting-up different prices during a day for each program category. This option can be used to set specials offered by your Café, like: weekend pricing, happy hours etc.


So called prepaiding is very popular in Internet café business. Prepaid tickets can be generated real-time or in advance. Customers simply login and use your computer as long as there is time left on his account. Additional time can be added and also login limited with the expire date.

Member Accounts

Prepaid or postpaid mode with a feature of specifying individual discount for each member. Regular customers logs with username and password. There are many options including configurable access, unlimited usage etc.

Unlimited Time Accounts

Options can be individually configured for each timecode or a member account. In this combination with valuable and useful option ‘expiration’, Cyber Internet Cafe software can be configured to grant month access for your customers, directing them to renew it each month.

Additional Pricing Options

Various combinations of present pricing methods can be created including session start free x minutes, access from-to hours etc..

Point of Sale

Enlarge your business with offering and selling drinks, snacks, hardware and charge your services. There are 10 POS categories with 180 configurable items.


Check out your earnings and charged items for a specified time period, or a computer, your employee or a type of service. Export data as pdf, html, csv or text report.


Keep track of your stock. All products quantities are displayed in the statistics and you will be warned in time when it drops below the amount you previously specified. You can check the stock items, sold today or sold in total.


Predefined discounts can be applied to your customer bill. You can charge, for example, 20% less for your regular customers.


Well organized and very flexible tax system will fit in any country tax regulations system. There are three different taxes with a tax on tax option. Taxes are separately configured for: time usage, each POS item, console time, printing or bandwidth.

E-mail Reporting

Statistical HTML reports can be sent to your E-mail at specified time of the day. It is convenient that your employee can also manually send it from cyber cafe software.

Web Server

Antamedia Cafe helps you in tracking and getting reports from any Internet connected computer in the world by simple using built-in web server. All you have to do here is to type Cafe Server IP address in your browser and you will get instant HTML Report. Access to this report is password protected.

Cash Drawer

This option gives you support for cash drawers with predefined settings for few models.


For showing your logo, header and footer just configure receipts.

Order System

Using this option your customers can easily order any product using the client computer.

Accept Credit Cards

The process of payment is completely automated and your customer is able to choose his or her own username, password and pricing plan (for example: 1 Hour Internet time or 10 hours of game usage). You will not need staff to sell the tickets. Single easy-to-use setup interface gives the opportunity of transaction processing with any Major Internet Payment Gateway including PayPal (available to US customers only, your customer will not need PayPal account in this way).


If you run a cafeteria or a restaurant, you can handle and easily manage all your customer orders by using tables. Just add tables and you are ready to run additional businesses using the same software.

Internet, Games, Office, Media…

Multiple program categories can be used with unlimited number of programs. By customizing shortcuts, you can give an access only to specified applications and in this way clearly protect computers of potentially destructive software may be run by your customers.

Employee Accounts

Every employee has own account (username and password) which is used for Server login. Also every employee’s activity is logged with the exact time and type of performed action. Our client software has additional passwords required for their own administration.

Multiply Cafes Support

Connect all your cyber cafes in one unique network and enable timecode and member accounts sharing. In this way your customers will be able to use their remaining time in any of your cafes. If you also allow smart cards, login process will be automated.


Many world languages are included in our software. Your software can be in: English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, French, Greek, Serbian, Macedonian, Albanian, Russian, Icelandic, Swedish, Danish, Arabic, Greek, Croatian, German, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Polish, and many many more…Any of them can be easily adjusted to your own needs through the editor integrated in our Cafe Server.

Client Interface

Before starting any session, your customers are able to choose a language in which the program interface will be displayed.


Choose one of the existing client skins for the interface configuration to best fit your requirements. There is a variety of skins including both motives and colours and all of them will serve your needs and the needs of your Café. So, beside good visual looks they are also very useful.

Auto Update Your Internet Cafe Software

Automatically update all your client computers to a brand new version just with a single click. If you own a cafe or you work as a cafe administrator, you will love our automated updates. They make your daily work quite easy.

Activity Log

You can store with Activity log option different actions performed in Server and Client software such as: charged items or services, time when your Cafe Server is started and precise time when it was closed, time of Server login attempts, employee actions etc. Server database is encoded and protected from unauthorized modifications.

Bandwidth Manager

This option shows how much network traffic is generated by each of your customers. There are plenty of options for limiting and charging per transferred data.

Reebot Protection

Every Client disconnection from the Server is always processed and customer’s bill (or timecode) is preserved. Disconnected network cables will simply end customer session after defined time.


Displays banners on client interface or give your customers limited free surf on your site by showing web page on client mask. Use it for the purpose of promoting your services, or making regular announcements.

Printer Tracking

This option is used for CD tracking notification and printer tracking with automatic adding on your customer bill.

Member Photo

Import member photo from web camera, digital camera, scanner, or any other device. Internet Cafe software stores the uploaded photos in specific encrypted database.

Smart Cards

Smart Cards are access cards with reusable option which offer complete and unique secure system with Internet Cafe software. Customers do not have to remember their username and password or a timecode. All they have to do is simply insert card in a reader and login occurs automatically.


When any session starts, your customer will see `welcome message` or you can change it with customizing it with the terms of usage, how-to instructions, prices or anything else which you think is important either for your café or your customer.


Customer can chat with café operator or with other customers in your cyber café. This makes communication faster and easier, sometimes even more interesting.

Volume Control

Internet Café operator can adjust the volume of each computer separately. In this way, the computers in your Café do not depend on one another regarding this matter.

Change Computer

Your customers can change computers if they want and their time and bill will be transferred to their new computer.

Windows Compatible

You can use Cafe software on any Windows operating system.

Windows 10 32/64 bit / Windows 7 32/64 bit / Windows 8.1 32/64 bit

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