Branding Your Internet Cafe Business

Your customers don’t need or want to know what software controls your internet cafe, so why do some software companies insist on telling them?

Sometimes it’s plain arrogance, often it’s because they intend to charge you a ridiculous fee to remove their logo. Either way, it devalues your brand.

At Antamedia we understand it’s your business. ALL logos, text and the entire appearance of our software reflect that – and we’ve made self-branding push-button simple!

Starting Screen (Login)

When your customer sits at a computer and their session starts, they can see your welcome message or you can customize it with terms of usage, how-to instructions, prices, or anything you want.

You Receipts, Your Logo

One area competing software tries to slide its identity into your business is by printing it on your receipts.

That’s sneaky and it can be impossible to tell until AFTER you’ve installed and set up their software!

Antamedia makes it simply to show your logo, header and footer, on all printed receipts.


Skins are templates that can completely change the appearance of your software, to suit the character of your cafe.

Just select a suitable template and it’s done!

Currently we offer the following (more free skins coming soon)

Counter Skin
City Skin
Black Small Skin

Apart from the initial cost, “bespoke” or custom-made software has many disadvantages. With Antamedia you’re getting ALL the benefits and professionalism of your own software.

From $999 to just $99 for smaller cafes, Antamedia Internet Cafe is polished, proven – and affordable.

Download the free demo today. Registration is not required.

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